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  • Leona Enns says:

    Here is a synopsis of this message in case it helps to draw anyone into listening!

    Theme Scripture: Psalm 17:7a: “Show Your marvelous lovingkindness by Your right hand, O You who save those who trust in You….”

    The Hebrew word translated “marvelous” describes something that is wonderfully distinguished, a supernatural sign from God that makes a difference. As Deborah proclaims to believers, inspired by Exodus 8:22, 23 and Exodus 11:7: “The Lord is making a difference and this shall be the sign. What is the sign? Whatever you’re believing God for!” The Lord causes His promises to come to successful fulfilment, because He delights in demonstrating His lovingkindness, and because His Word contains within it the ability to manifest itself! (See Isaiah 55:8-13.)

    Many Scriptures are shared relating to the lovingkindness, or strong, steadfast love of God. For example: Jeremiah 9:24, Psalm 119:88, Psalm 26:3, Psalm 48:9, Psalm 143:8, Psalm 63:3, Psalm 92:1, 2.

    Before the closing prayer, Deborah asks this question, which no doubt all of us would answer with a big yes! “How many of you would like God to show you His marvelous lovingkindnesses so wonderfully, so supernaturally, that it can’t be anything but God; so that the world around you can see that He is the Lord?”

    So be it, amen!


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