K-12 Private Christian Academy

The academic program at ENCA is based on the Bob Jones University Press homeschool curriculum and other leading homeschool curriculum providers. As a private Christian school ENCA uses the Bible as a foundation for all academics taught at our school. Because we possess a Christian Philosophy, we teach every subject from a Christian Worldview. This includes educating our children in all matters concerning Marriage, Family, Sexuality, the Origins of man and the Origins of the Universe – all according to the tenets of our Christian Faith. ENCA is dedicated to developing strong Christian character in our every student.


Growing Constantly

ENCA uses the Bible as a foundation for all Academics

Family – Church – School Philosophy

Our Academy works very closely with the parents and church leaders to ensure that what the students are taught in class is consistent to that which is taught in the home and in the church.


Bully Free Zone

Zero Tollerance For Bullying

The close association between school, church and the home fosters a strong family atmosphere where every student supports and encourages one another in a protected and safe environment


Enrollment is open to all member families of Eagles Nest. Applications for non-member families are welcomed and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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