The following was taught and prayed through during our 9:30 a.m. family prayer time with Sue DeGroot

Word Given By Bishop Tony Miller
November 23, 2003

Pastor Ric and Deborah
I just hear the Lord saying this, that there is a strong breaker anointing that’s going to rest on your life to break open a whole territory and a whole region and you … that radical Spirit will be upon both of you and you will function at a dimension that has not been seen, in fact many of your peers will think that you have gone crazy. Because radical faith … radical passion and radical strategies are going to come into your spirit and you will not be cut out of the patterns of another, but you will cut out a new pattern for the Lord says that you will not xerox another man’s vision, but you will move in the vision that I put within you. For you will find this region will become a pattern region … that shall be a pattern that shall be burnt in this place, that shall go to other regions across this nation and throughout the world and I am going to prophesy to you that the day will come when there will be nations … these flags will not hang here in anticipation of connections, but there will be days when nations will come here and people from here will go to the nations. There will be a coming and a going. There will be people that will even come and sit in the house from other nations and they will be assigned here for a year at a time. And they will sit here under the anointing of this house and they will be taught and trained. The Lord says the world vision and the local vision shall flow together. There shall not be a difference in the anointing that is on you when you are there or when you are here for you shall walk under that same anointing and power all the time. For God says, I’m setting you in a new place, I’m setting you in a new place … you will break open the heavens … and you will break down the walls of tradition and will move the mountains that have resisted and you will see … the mighty hand of God revealed. Just as Moses led the people out I declare to you this day, you shall lead them out … the bondage of Pharaoh shall be left behind. There shall be a new day, declares the Lord. The days of making bricks with straw are over. The days of going through the motion are over, for the Lord says I’m changing the scenery in your life. You are going to see the dawn of a new day.
The Lord spoke to Deborah and said regarding Eagles Nest, 2020 will be a marvelous year and there will be a distinguishing upon us. We say, “Distinguish us Lord according to Your loving kindness.”

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